Rules of procedure

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The Rules of Procedure (ROP) have been set by Mauritius Multisports Infrastructure Limited (MMIL) and Côte d’Or National Sports Complex (CDNSC) and may be modified at any point in time without prior notice. The Rules of Procedure automatically binds all members and visitors of the complex.

All members and visitors found in the premise of Côte d’Or entails automatic adherence to the Rules of Procedure.

Côte d’Or National Sports Complex is an abuse, harassment, and violence free environment

All our Team Members make every single effort to deliver the best customer experience to all members and visitors in all kinds of situation and they go to the extra mile to assist all requests with a smile.  However, any form of abuse, harassment and violence will not be tolerated within the assets of the sports complex nor targeted towards of our Team Members in relation to any incident which might have happened at Côte d’Or.

To respect this global policy of the International Labour Organization, the three golden rules to keep on top of your mind are:

  1. This is an abuse, harassment, and violence free environment
  2. Verbal, physical, and psychological abuse will be prosecuted by law
  3. Getting angry only makes things worse

Registration and membership

Application for membership can be made at the reception desk in the Côte D’Or National Sports Complex entry building.

Documents to be provided by new members or subscribers:

  • Duly completed registration form
  • Valid identity card
  • Related certificates and  documents where applicable
  • Any written proof in accordance with the type of membership
  • 2 recent passport photos

Membership is limited to holders and cannot be exchanged or transferred.

For more information, refer to The Côte D’Or National Sports Complex Membership Agreement Terms & Conditions. (The full document will be available online in the membership section in a PDF)

Onsite behaviour and conduct

Membership at Côte d’Or involves behaving properly and conducting yourself respectfully towards other people, the equipment and  environment. Access to the facilities of the complex is strictly reserved for members and allowed visitors as agreed by the management team. In unexpected cases, members and visitors can be asked to provide proof of eligibility and purpose for their presence in the compound. In serious situations, legal actions will be undertaken.

Opening hours

Côte d’Or National Sports Complex operates in accordance with its operational requirements and scheduled events. Côte d’Or is free to change its opening hours, if necessary, without prior notice. Furthermore, Côte d’Or reserves the right to cancel an event should there be an insufficient number of participants and change the days and times of any happening according to demand and attendance.

The office hours are:

  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:30
  • Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:30
  • On Sundays and public holidays, the office is closed.

Dress code

Appropriate and decent outfits are compulsory within the premises of Côte d’Or National Sports Complex.

Members and visitors are requested to wear clean shoes with appropriate type of soles for all activities in the training rooms.

In the era of the new normal, for hygienic and sanitary reasons, a clean and disinfected towel is compulsory for training sessions.

Swimming pool

Swimming trunks are strictly forbidden in the swimming pool. Lycra swimwear and swimming caps are mandatory for swimmers.

Degradation of property

All users are required to respect the green spaces, facilities, equipment, and furniture in the compound of the sports complex. Anyone found responsible or concerned for damages shall provide compensation to Côte d’Or National Sports Complex for all damage or loss caused. Legal actions might also be taken in serious matters.

Safety and accidents

Côte d’Or National Sports Complex will not be held responsible for any kind of liability in case of loss or theft. Members and visitors are exclusively in charge for their own assets in any buildings or in the car parks including their vehicles.

The swimming pool is not under specific surveillance outside of normal training hours and Côte d’Or refutes any liability in the event of an accident.

Children’s safety

In the eventuality of an unforeseen mishap, parents or responsible parties will be notified at the soonest of the incident.


It is strictly prohibited to:

  • use Rollerblades, skateboards, or roller skates within premises of Côte d’Or. (if permitted otherwise)
  • smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks or any other illegal substances within Côte d’Or’s premises.
  • running in the corridors and around the pool area is severely discouraged.
  • mobile devices must be switched off prior to entering the training areas.

Suspension and exclusion

A member or a visitor may be expelled or suspended on serious grounds at the discretion of the management in different scenarios and these might be:

  • failure to comply to guidelines given by team members Côte d’Or National Sports Complex.
  • non-payment of membership fees.
  • deliberate damage to equipment.
  • repeated occurrences with other members.
  • stealing.
  • dangerous behaviour.
  • activities that are prejudicial to Côte d’Or National Sports Complex’s interests and intellectual rights.
  • Conduct that undermines the proper functioning, ethics, regulations, and reputation of Côte d’Or.
  • non-compliance with the Rules of Procedure.

The management has absolute control over its decisions and shall take all essential actions in the event of an issue that has not been referred in the Rules of Procedure.

Last updated in February 2022